About the Course

Yoga class, arms up. Photo by Thierry BalThe Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Programme is an 8-week course made up of weekly 2-hour sessions. Participants will develop insight into their emotions, thoughts and sensations, becoming less caught up in habitual response patterns. Simple techniques like sitting meditation and gentle movement help us to become more focussed, aware, relaxed and present.

Researchers and participants have reported the following as benefits of mindfulness training:

Each week, participants are given homework assignments, including practice of the exercises taught in the classes, taking 30-45 minutes per day. You will get the most from the course if you are able to make this commitment to home practice. You will learn to bring mindfulness into your daily life, whether walking to work, eating breakfast or taking a shower. The homework will help to embed the practices in your life so that you can continue to develop mindfulness skills once the course has ended, leading to lasting change.

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