What participants say

Our course via Zoom:

Feedback from Tessa's online courses in 2020:

'I was sceptical at first, but I found that I actually enjoyed the zoom experience very much. I still definitely felt part of a group as you can see everyone on the screen and the breakout rooms were inspired. I
felt that the course was very well structured and interesting and gave us all ample opportunity to speak, listen and be heard.' - Christina

'I really loved the opportunity to do it online. It meant I did not have to worry about travelling 1hour each way, and was able to remain in a quiet familiar environment after each session. I think the zoom
experience was run very well and seamlessly. I loved the breakout rooms too :)' - Nina

‘The course was really well run. It must be difficult to manage a training event on Zoom but Tessa was a superb trainer and you often forgot you were on Zoom!’ - Max

The trainers:

'Debbie's peaceful and gentle way of offering a different perspective of a new concept exemplified the best sort of teacher. Thank you!' - Andrew

'Tessa is a wonderful, dedicated and very experienced teacher. Her interest in all our experiences and comments about them had a remarkable insight and showed she is a truly dedicated practician.' - Kate

'Debbie has a really nice way of conveying the subject - very warm, giving, accepting. Really pleased I did the course.'- Lia

'Tessa is a brilliant advocate for Mindfulness. She has a wealth of knowledge in this area and she has a very calming sense about her. She is a great listener and her teaching style was great she gave everybody the opportunity to express themselves and was not at all pushy.' - Daniel

'Debbie has a very calming and relaxed approach. It felt as though she really cared about the practice and wanted everyone to achieve. An excellent teacher - I would recommend to all.' - Cesar

'Tessa is an excellent, extremely considerate and understanding mindfulness teacher who has great knowledge of mindfulness techniques and great skill in conveying them to those who want to learn them. She is friendly and warm, and obviously very well informed. She was inspiring.' - Ayesha

The course

'Excellent value and carefully crafted - thank you.' - Monica

'I learnt a useful variety of interlinked techniques to deal with an overactive mind, overload of stimuli, and stress.' - Thierry

'Thank you for such commitment and bringing such an inspiring time into my life.' - Sara

'Very good ie planned and prepared, timed and paced to make it interesting - no sense of stress or duty.' - Frank

'I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. Even though it seems like a lot to pay upfront, I definitely feel like I got value for money. My life has changed in subtle yet profound ways since starting the course and I feel like my mindfulness will only get deeper and stronger as a result of the course - thank you.' - Adrian

'It's so much better teaching meditation this way, with varied exercises rather than just sitting. More integrated into life'. - Magnus

'I am aware of my thoughts more and I now have the ability to manage my thinking patterns better. I have learnt which Mindfulness Meditation practices are better for me and how to deal with my own personal issues using meditation'. - Antonella

'The course helped me learn alternative ways to respond to events. This gives me a choice not to repeat customary patterns of behaviour that can undermine well-being and the efficacy of my response.' - Claire

'It's made me more mindful and considerate about what's going on around me and it's the stepping stone to something I will continue practice.' - Paul

'I feel like a door has been opened in my mind through learning the very basics of meditation. I feel very excited about continuing to explore it and how to bring mindfulness into my every day.' - Tanya

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